About Me

James has always had an interest in first aid and helping others. With a keen interest in rugby, James is a Level 2 qualified coach with a great understanding of the game and he has helped coach many different teams of all ages and genders. His biggest achievement so far is coaching the winning team at Twickenham in the BUCS League Premiership Final. James held the post of sports therapist, sports massage therapist and first aider at Gosford All Blacks Rugby Club in Oxford for four seasons and coached the Girls’ Youth team whilst also playing for the Men's side.

James has worked with a range of rugby clubs from Berks, Bucks & Oxon Premier, Tribute Western Counties North, Army, Universities, Oxfordshire County and South West Divisional divisions providing pitch side first aid cover and sports massage. He has worked with athletes of all abilities, amateur and professional, ranging from Under 13 boys sides to the Elite England women's squad and is currently providing first aid and massage for the Worcester Warriors women’s rugby team. He has worked at many professional venues including Gloucester, Bristol and Twickenham Rugby Clubs.

In 2015 James was flown to Budapest as a first aider/ sports massage therapist to look after the University of Gloucestershire’s Women's Rugby team who were competing in the European Championships.  This included early starts for morning activation sessions, ice baths after games, as well as providing first aid cover and sports massage during the competition. In 2016 James was flown to Croatia for the same duties with more of a role in Recovery, hydration and nutriiton. 

James has dealt with a variety of injuries on and off the pitch.  Some of the most severe injuries dealt with include concussion, spinal fractures, broken bones, loss of consciousness and dislocations.   As a very calm and understanding first aider, James deals with all injuries in a structured and professional manner.

A qualified fitness instructor, James likes to see patients through the whole process of recovery. This includes providing first aid at the time of the injury, sports massage pre and post injury and fitness specific sessions to help promote recovery to get the athlete back to full fitness as quick as possible. James takes a very “hands-on” approach to his role and is very proud to oversee the progression of all his clients.  Taking an interest in other sports, James has been able to work at a variety of different events across the country including athletics, rowing, running and cycling.

Currently in his second year at the University of Gloucestershire, James is pursuing a career in Sports Therapy.

Teams and athletes James has worked with:

Rugby Union


  • Gosford 1st XV, Berks. Bucks & Oxon premier, 2011 - 2014
  • Gosford 2nd XV, Berks/Bucks & Oxon 3 league, 2011 – 2014
  • Gosford All Blacks tour, Bulgaria - 2014
  • Bristol Harlequins 1st XV, Western counties north league, 11/10/14
  • Kingswood 1st XV, Gloucester 1 league, 18/10/14
  • Imperial 1st XV, Tribute Summerset premier, 01/11/14
  • Stohert and Pitt 1st XV, Tribute Western Counties North, 10/01/15, 17/01/15, 24/10/15, 5/12/15
  • Burnham 1st XV, Tribute Western Counties North, 21/02/15, 14/11/15
  • Bath & Somerset county U15 boys, Yatton RFC, 1/10/15
  • Hucclecote 1st XV, Gloucester Premier, 10/10/15
  • Swindon 1st XV, South West 1 East, 23/01/16
  • Cinderford 1st XV, National League 1, 19/03/16
  • Old Patesians 1st XV, South West Division - South West 1 East, 2016/17


  • Gosford All Blacks U15 Girls, 2011 - 2015
  • Gosford All Blacks U18 Girls, 2013 – 2015
  • Gosford All Blacks U15 & U18 tour, Wales - 2015
  • Oxford All Blacks Women, 2013 - 2014
  • Girls rugby county tournament U13’s, U15’s & U18’s, Frome RFC, 12/10/14 
  • The University of Gloucestershire Women’s rugby, BUCS Premier League, 2014 – present
  • Gloucester- Hartpury Women, 07/03/15, 11/04/15
  • Gloucestershire U15 County girls finals, 18/03/15, 18/05/16
  • Gloucestershire U13 County girls finals,  24/03/15, 14/04/16
  • Royal Logistic Corps, Aldershot, Army league - 2015 - 2016
  • Worcester Valkyries women, Premiership - 2015 - Present

Rugby 7's

  • The University of Gloucestershire Women’s 7’s, BUCS League, 29/04/15, 27/04/16
  • The University of Gloucestershire Women’s 7’s, SouthWest 7's, 20/06/15
  • The University of Gloucestershire, European 7’s Championships, Hungary, 22/07/15 - 26/07/15
  • The University of Gloucestershire Women's 7's, Hartpury 7's, 14/05/16
  • Orchard pig Storm 7's, Sandy Park, 08/07/16 - 10/07/16
  • The University of Gloucestershire, European 7’s Championships, Croatia,11/07/16 - 15/07/16
  • Orchard pig Storm 7's, Alliance Park, 23/07/16 - 24/07/16

Rugby League

  • All golds rugby league, BUCS league, 04/02/15


  • U7-U12 football tournament, Tewksbury school, 11/06/16


  • England National Championships - Nottingham - 22/08/15 - 23/08/15
  • England National Championships - Nottingham - 28/05/16 - 29/05/16
  • Nottingham Outlaw and relay Triathlon - 20/08/16 - 21/08/16

Charity events

  • Chiltern chase, Charirty 10k run - 2014
  • Gosford Rugby club, Women’s rugby charity event, 05/04/14 - 07/04/14, 18/04/15 - 19/04/15,
  • Oxford City Football club, Children’s charity football event, 30/03/14
  • Break the cycle, charity bike ride - June 2015
  • London Marathon - NSPCC - 24/04/16

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